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Command.and.Conquer.Generals.2.2013.Full.Game.Crackedl.PC.thenoobish555 michan




The Fountains of Paradise.iso.(309.92 KB). I want to send it to a friend, but he's not. A Free Download of Command.and.Conquer.Generals.2.2013.Full.Game.Crackedl.PC.thenoobish555 and other game tools. Command.and.Conquer.Generals.2.2013.Full.Game.Crackedl.PC.thenoobish555 for Mac OS X.command-and-conquer-generals-2-2013-full-game-crackedl-pc-thenoobish555Q: AWS DynamoDB - Update items with nested objects I'm trying to update an item in DynamoDB with nested objects. The following code is what I've tried. query = {} query['tableName'] = "tableName" query['key'] = {'id': "1", 'key': "Value"} client.update_item( TableName = tableName, Key = { "id" : "1", "key" : "Value" }, UpdateExpression = "set #id = :id and #key = :key", ExpressionAttributeValues = { ':id': "2", ':key': "newValue" } ) But this fails with the following message: ValueError: Attribute key must be a unicode string or bytes, got b'id' What is wrong with the above code? A: According to the docs, the Key element should be a dict. I suspect your code is trying to interpret key as a unicode string rather than a dictionary. Try changing your code to this instead: query['key'] = {'id': "1", 'key': "Value"} You also need to make sure the values you are passing to the expressionattributevalues are strings. You can do this by wrapping them in single quote or quote the value directly. You can find the type of an attributevalue (and the appropriate type of the expressionattributevalues object) by looking at the '




Command.and.Conquer.Generals.2.2013.Full.Game.Crackedl.PC.thenoobish555 michan
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